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How a Rice Farmer Akmal Mamarahimov Built a School for a Century-Old Village

The children of Angor, a remote settlement in Uzbekistan’s Surkhandarya Region, had a special reason to celebrate this year’s Day of Knowledge. They were welcomed by a brand new and modern school building, instead of the old and dilapidated one they had been using for decades. The school was a gift from Akmal Mamarahimov, a successful rice farmer and a philanthropist.

The story of how this school came to be is remarkable. In June 2023, a journalist named Javlon Ergashev published an article about the appalling condition of the Angor village school. He had received a photo from the villagers, showing the school’s leaky roof and cracked walls. The school was housed in a building that dated back to 1905, making it more than a century old.

Javlon’s article caught the attention of Akmal Mamarahimov, who decided to take action. He contacted the journalist and offered to fund the demolition of the old school and the construction of a new one. He did not hesitate or bargain, he simply wanted to help.

Akmal Mamarahimov is no stranger to charity. He has a tradition of giving children something to smile about on September 5th, which happens to be his birthday as well. He has previously donated computers, books, and sports equipment to various schools in the region.

The new school in Angor is his most ambitious project yet. It took less than three months to complete, thanks to the efforts of a construction company that he hired. The school can accommodate up to 300 students and has many features that make it stand out:

  • modern furniture and equipment in all classrooms;
  • computer rooms with internet access;
  • a sports ground for physical education and recreation;
  • a separate building for administrative purposes.

The opening ceremony of the new school was attended by the village head, the district education department chief, and other local dignitaries. They all praised Mamarakhimov for his generosity and kindness. The village head, Urunbay Tadjiboev, said that Mamarakhimov acted as soon as he learned about the situation of the school and did not spare any expense.

The children of Angor were overjoyed by their new school. They thanked Mamarakhimov with flowers, cards, and songs. They also promised to study hard and make him proud.

Mamarakhimov said that he was happy to see the children’s faces light up. He said that he believed education was the key to a better future and that he hoped his gift would inspire others to do good deeds as well.